Fly fishermen cannot get into the lakes, streams, or rivers without heading to the local Fly Shop to find out what the trout have been biting.

Most experienced fly fishermen check out the hatch when they get to their destination. But for those trying to get an edge, they small talk with the local guides and shops to get an edge going into the field.

But what to grab? It’s difficult to know beforehand so that’s why a few options in the Fly Box.

The question starts with are you looking for wet or dry flies? What’s the difference, well in a nutshell the wet flies are the pre-hatched bug coming up through the water or stream. The dry fly is the bug that has reached the surface and is about the take-off into the air. The dry flies are surface flies using a floating line and they are what the fish sees at the surface of the water.

So knowing where you are heading and what time of water you are fishing will help determine the type of fly to purchase.

Fly Types: Nymphs, Dry Flies, Saltwater Flies, Bass & Panfish Flies, Streamer Flies, Tactical Flies, and Wet Flies.

There are over 10,000 different types, sizes, and designed flies.

If you are lucky and get to know an angler who does his own Fly Tying then your designs are limitless. But wait, don’t forget the fish are looking for something that they are used to seeing. If you throw a Bass Fly at a Trout you may not have good results.


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